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24th International Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference – OGU 2022
18 - 20 May 2022 Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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A working group for technological development, scientific and technical cooperation, standardization and certification in the oil and gas sector has been created between the society of Uzbekneftegaz and Gazprom.

With the participation of representatives of this working group, a meeting was held on the topic "Organization of technological development of the production of import-substituting products."

It was attended by heads of departments and divisions of standardization and certification management from Gazprom, and from Uzbekneftegaz - heads and specialists of departments for prospective business development, gas processing and gas chemistry, localization and expansion of cooperation ties and production regulation.

At the meeting, Gazprom's specialists informed about the work done in this direction for many years.

In order to localize import-substituting and industrial products, Gazprom compiled a list of the most important types of products and mechanisms for their development.

During 2016-2021, laboratory tests, certification of industrial production, as well as installation and preparation of structures for operation were carried out. In addition, work was carried out to agree on the documentation of indicative parameters and to create a complex of cryogenic tests.

The enterprises of Gazprom studied the application of Uzbekneftegaz, analyzed a list of 41 types, including pipeline products, gas-pumping units and pumps, heat exchangers and similar equipment, as well as chemical reagents and catalysts, identified three main directions of technological development, standardization , conformity assessment (certification).

The working group reached an agreement on sending to Gazprom terms of reference for the purchase of new types of technological equipment in order to expand cooperation and develop terms of reference for their future needs, on consideration of the terms of reference by Russian companies and on obtaining and sending technical commercial proposals to consider issues of cooperation with Russian companies on the basis of commercial proposals received by Uzbekneftegaz, as well as the possibility of participating in the 10th anniversary International Gas Forum in St. Petersburg.

Given the relevance of the above activities, it is planned to hold regular meetings and discussions with the experts of the working group.

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